Who did this?

Look it's me! How in the world did this get here? And look, I've grown a beard!!!!!!! Hey, that's me! Huh, why am (not) I upside down?!

  I guess by now you have already figured it out, yes I did this (it started a year ago!). And I will try to keep it updated and as good looking as it is now (yeah, right!!!). The page I mean! Of course I didn't do it all by myself. If you want to know more about the wonderful, fantastic, marvellous, preposterous, ingenious (what can I get more to rhyme with ingenious???)... people who have helped me take a look at the Credits.
  Now for something a bit more serious. I am a student at the University of Lisbon in the faculty of Liberal Arts. I've finished my degree in English and German Studies, but I have begun a Post Graduate course in English and German didactics. (yes, eventually I will become a language teacher).Now, if you are thinking "poor children", hey, somebody has got to do it. If you have a better job for me just drop me a line. I'm sure you'd get the President's Seat in the "Save.the.Children.from.ME" foundation!
  I first got involved in this breed when I got my improper coat. I wanted to learn more and more about this breed. It started when I bought Kathryn Braund's book. A few months later I met her when of visit here. Such thrilling events. I was also introduced to Conchita Cintron, who carried on Vasco Bensaude's marvellous work until the revolution (25th of April 1974) here in Portugal. Now I have two dogs, Joca (Infante Dom Joca de Gifford [Eurico de Gifford x Guilhermina Regina de Gifford]) the youngest and becoming a real show prospect. The other one, an improper coated, is Tim (Diabrete do Caíque [Remexido do Caíque x Alfazema de Breckstown]). I will try to get a really good picture from them in the water for you. In between I have been at several shows, not competing, just watching, and I have met a few persons that have flown over from the U.S.. And somehow I really felt that the image of Portugal is a bit distorted in the U.S.. I guess everyone expects to find interesting dog shows, PWDs on the streets and wonderful water trials in the ocean waters where they used to work hard alongside the fishermen. Well, check again with your holiday maker, because it won't find much of that here! Therefore I decided to do this site. I hope you like(d) it. And if you've already seen it, if you liked it my name is João Brogueira, if you didn't it's Tommy.
Come around often,
João Brogueira


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