By Linda Campbell

Morgin Quirin and I have decided to join forces to raise some money for Cardio research. I because I have had Cardio and in fact gave the first litter to Dr. Alroy to raise in his lab and Morgin because she, to date, does not have any Cardio. Either of these reasons is more than enough for everyone to support the on-going Cardio research.

To do our part, we have had a color enamel pin made, with a drawing by Linda Hinkle, of a Portuguese Water Dog puppy. The pin is just adorable and simply says Cardio Challenge 1998. We would like to hope that we won't need a Cardio Challenge 1999 pin, however we have put 1998 on the current pin so we can, if necessary make a new one in 1999. Many other clubs have used this method to raise funds and as much as PWD enthusiasts like to wear pins, this is a very attractive one to add to your collection.

Morgin has donated the cost of the pins and we have priced the pin at $10. At this price we hope that everyone can afford to buy at least one if not more and support the on-going Cardio research. We are asking everyone who would like one or more to send the appropriate amount in a check made out to Driftwood Cardio Research Fund.

In the West send your check to:
Linda Campbell
PO Box 1020
Altaville, CA 95221
In the East/Mid West:
Morgin Quirin
1214 'H' Street
Fairbury NE 68352

Also we are asking for a self-addressed, stamped, business size envelope so that no costs are incurred mailing them back to you.

100% of the monies made from these pins will go to Cardio Research and, if necessary, to make another pin in 1999 for fund raising. You can be sure that all our puppy buyers will receive one with their new puppy as well as our Vets and we encourage all of you to buy and wear the pin in support of Cardio research.

The pins will be ready to mail out in approximately 3 weeks. We encourage all of you to order yours early as there is a limited supply. If you would like to see the computer/artist rendition, email me and I will email you back a picture.

We certainly would like to see these pins sold-out before the National, and if you all help, a good deal of money will be given over to Cardio research. Remember those of you that have not been touched by Cardio, this is a way to help see that you never are and those of you that have been touched, I know, will be among the first to order a pin(s).

Linda Campbell

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