Dummy Guide

How to Chat on #PWDOGS

  You probably know by now that there is an IRC channel called #PWDOGS. However, the more the merrier and I believe that people just don't know how to get there and are somehow afraid to ask. Well, here's the solution to your problems. I've set up this dummy guide to help you get there and chat until you drop.   IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and basically what goes on is that you join a thematic chat room and discuss or chat about it. However, IRC is text based, so you type your own messages and read others' .And the best thing is that it doesn't have any extra costs, you'll pay the same as if you were surfing on the World Wide Web. Best of all, you can do them at the same time and you wont pay any extra costs. You see, no good reasons not to join us! In #PWDOGS you will find many other PWD owners from around the world, since Undernet is a global Network. Undernet has Servers all over the place and I'm sure there's one right next to your door and you just haven't noticed. So here's how you do to get in #PWDOGS:
  1. Get some IRC specific software. I definitely recommend Mirc, it's easy, robust, extremely widespread and available for virtually any platform (IBM- PC, Mac. Unix...) You can either download Mirc by following this link, or check any computer magazine. Most of them offer CDRoms with software and Mirc is usually included, but check first! The best option is downloading and installing it. It won't take you more than ten minutes the whole thing, and by downloading you are always sure that you get the latest version!
  2. Now that you have Mirc you'll need to configure it. But hey, don't worry, 99% is pre configured, you just have to type your name. Now, you can't get much easier than this, can you?
    1. Run Mirc on your computer
    2. Choose the File Menu
    3. Choose Setup
    4. Type your
      • Full Name (no one will know if it isn't your real name!)
      • Email address (again, no one will know if it isn't real)
      • Nickname and alternative nickname (it mustn't be your real name, most people on #PWDOGS use their pet's names for nicknames. Be original, because you can't have two persons with the same nick in the whole Network)
    5. Now Choose a server that has UNDERNET on the name. Preferably the one nearest to you, but if that one doesn't let you in by some other reason, try another. Hey, you can connect through a server in Japan if you want to, so keep trying!!
    6. Click on "CONNECT"
    7. After you get a message from the server welcoming you type:
      /join #pwdogs
    8. And if you did everything right you're in for a chat! Taffy is usually around, but sometimes she's half asleep and you'll have to wait a while until she wakes up. If you see an X, don't talk to him, he's just a server Bot, he doesn't answer back!
  I hope I'll see you around, my nickname is [feliks]. If you still are confused, email me, info@octante.net, or Deb, the promoter of the channel at dazey@ptdprolog.net.


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