The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog

by Kathryn Braund

"We're delighted to inform you that the new book on Portuguese Water Dogs entitled The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog (Howell Book House) by Kathryn Braund is in production and will be available mid June '97. I trust the book will answer many questions posed about the breed along with present day needs. It has been written with that intent. We want it to be of great value to all who admire and protect this wonderful breed. With the immense strides forward that the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and American fanciers have made the past ten years, it is also my fervent wish the "NEW" book will provide a wealth of information for future fanciers so they will be responsibly educated. If so, the book will achieve its purpose - knowledgeable purchase and care of the Portuguese Water Dog, with beautiful photos and stories to help explainthe words. If you would like to order an autographed copy sent to you priority mail at the publishing date, please contact"

The NEW Complete PWD book is not coming out of the publisher's production department in mid-June as originally anticipated. September is the new publication date. To order a copy from the author, please send $31.95 to Kathryn Braund, 824B Rhoades Road, Winlock, WA 98596. The book will sell for $27.95 at fine stores. My extra charge is for priority mail and handling. I am making up the boxes as I receive the orders so the book will be shipped immediately I receive mine from bindery. Sorry about the delay but that's the way things go in the publishing world.

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