name: Quincy

date of birth: Unknown

last known case: 03/June/1997

comments: "Mum, I'm home!!!"

  Known cases:

"Later Hon"

Since we got QUINCY things have been a little different. We started with his crate in the kitchen along side Gimlets crate. The first night Quincy got me up at 5:30am. I am not a morning person --- so something had to be done so we covered his creat and he got up around 6:00am. the next day Still not good . Some suggested to bring the creat up to our bed room because it is darker and the sun light does not shine in the window . Well this was working better -- we now reached 7:30am. I must add that I work out of the house so all I have to do is walk about seven steps. to my office. We still cover the crate because my wife get up early for work. This morning I was having the dream of a life time , I cannot even print what it was about because it would not be fitting a group like this. Anyway I felt someone licking my ear at first I thought it was my wife wanting to be romantic........ But reality forced it way into the picture - wife /romantic /workday - NO WAY . But the licking kept going on I said "later hon I am still asleep!! the reply was a bark . I woke up to find QUINCY IN MY BED LICKING MY EAR. I don't know how he did it but he was able to open the slide locks on a MIDWEST folding crate and get out I got dressed took him out for a walk put him back in the crate covered and locked it and walked into my office. A half hour later Quincy was by my feet in the office. I can't figure out how he did it but he did it. I now have a new lock on the crate, MAD COA STRAKES AGAIN Sleepless in PA.

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